Home-Made Pistachio, Almond & Cherry Granola


Well, this all looks very fancy. In an attempt to recreate those wonderful quaker chewy breakfast bars that sat in the lunch boxes of school children circa 2000, I ended up conjuring up a more ‘grown up’ version in granola form! I’m not one for following recipes so this is a make it up as you go along sort of thing but for 2 people, I stuck to a strict 100g measurement of rolled oats. Below are all the ingredients I used and the method I…came up with:

100g of rolled oats

1 generous handful of whole pistachios 

1 generous handful of almonds (whole and chopped)

2 heaped tbsp of dried cherries

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp butter

Greek yoghurt 

1 nectarine (cubed) and around 6 cherries to decorate/garnish


I melted the butter (just in microwave) for around 20 seconds, mixed all ingredients in together and then simply put in a baking tray at 180°c for around 15 minutes. All that’s left to do now is bash the cooked mixture when cool and serve! I LOVE this recipe for its simplicity and for the fact you can make it in bulk.

Are you a fan of granola? Also, do you like the photography in this post? Let me know! Jess x



9 thoughts on “Home-Made Pistachio, Almond & Cherry Granola

  1. I love things like this! It reminds me of something my mum used to make me when I was a kid, with Alpen and glace cherries! That used melted butter to bind the ingredients as well, but there was also golden syrup in it and a thick layer of melted chocolate on the top! I think yours is healthier, plus it also looks absolutely delicious. x

    Kate Lousie Blogs

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