Easy Like A Sunday Morning.

sunday morn

avo 2


shower 8

skin 7

Sparing you all from the usual tittle tattle in my Sunday catch up posts, this one is in celebration of taking that Lionel Richie classic very seriously. I’m guilty of scrolling through Instagram and checking my emails as soon as I can physically strain my eyes open but I do also make time for a little light reading in the mornings, which currently comes in the form of Marcus Chown’s ‘what a wonderful world’. I’ll then trot on over to my kitchen to rustle up some food, which happened to beย avocado on toast with scrambled eggs and baconย on this particular morning. I then compile some sort of to do list or listen to my classic soul playlist for too long because yes, yourย Granddad is correct; they don’t make music like they used to.

Pondering over what skincare to use for the day while brushing my teeth and starting the shower up usually comes next and because I like to keep things simple with my skincare, I just used Vichy’s micellar cleansing oil, ARK’s SPF30 primer and La Roche Posay’s toleriane ulta fluide which I love, love, love. I also love to throw in a ridiculously overpriced shower gel apparently as I used Molton Brown’s samphire body wash which smells like the sea but in a very satisfying, nostalgic way!

So, that’s what my typical Sunday morning looks like…what’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning? Jess x

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9 thoughts on “Easy Like A Sunday Morning.

  1. Completely agree with all grandads around the world – they really don’t make music like they used to! Nothing better than a funk and soul playlist on a Sunday as I clean! Lauren x

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