Vichy’s Pureté Thermale Cleansing Gel

vichy cleanser 2

*PR sample

Aside from having no alarm to rudely interrupt my slumber and a generous serving of avocado and bacon, there is nothing more satisfying to me than massaging a refreshing cleanser in to my skin and splashing it off with cold water in the mornings. And so when the new  pureté thermale launch from Vichy arrived in my post, I was immediately drawn to the gel cleanser and I’m pleased to report that it has been happily sitting on my skincare shelf ever since!

Although I’m a gel cleanser fiend, I’ll admit that I struggle to fall in love with many because a lot of the formulas on the market tend to be a little stripping and speaking as a girl with skin prone to oiliness, stripping your skin of moisture is a bad, bad idea. The lather that this cleanser produces is almost creamy and feels so light and cooling on the skin but at the same time, keeps any excess sebum at bay. I also find that  just splashing it off with water does the job perfectly, which is rather convenient because who really wants to faff around with hot cloths all morning? I can see this becoming a long standing resident of my daily skincare stash purely for the fact that the cleanser itself is effective and the aquatic, fresh, spa-like scent makes the whole morning cleanse really enjoyable.

The only downside I can find to this product is that it can’t be used on the eyes and when I think about it, even that isn’t a downside as I use this in the mornings when there is no eye makeup to remove! I tried to find fault; as I do with all products in reviews but I just love this and I’ve already ordered my second bottle so what more is there to say?

Vichy’s pureté thermale fresh cleansing gel is available here for £12.00. Jess x


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