The Facial Scrub for Scrub Lovers Courtesy of Ole Henriksen

ole scrub

*PR sample

I don’t often do reviews on this blog but after coming back to this Ole Henriksen’s walnut complexion scrub time and time again in the past few months, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to it. Physical scrubs and exfoliants seem to attract a lot of negative attention but my personal preference lies with using a psychical scrub once a week and using AHA based acid exfoliators throughout the rest of the week to break down any dead skin cells in a much gentler way. I do however completely avoid this if it’s a particularly hot day because the abrasive texture will only naturally leave my skin more susceptible to skin damage but for evening use, I love it for leaving my skin feeling energised and incredibly silky. Although this packs a punch in the exfoliation department, the walnut powder emulsifiesย to an almost milky texture so my skin never feels tight or dehydratedย afterwards. Something to note – I always follow up with a heavy duty serum and rich moisturiser after using a quite astringent scrub like this one from Ole.

If, like me, you have skin that leans more towards the dull and lacklustre side of things and you don’t really have any issues with skin sensitivity, this scrub could work wonders for you. I can also imagine that if you have overactive oil glands, this could be tricky to work with as the stimulation that comes as part and parcel of this scub is quite intense. This really does work for me and I adore the marzipan-y, nutty scent but I would suggest approaching it with caution if you have sensitive skin that appreciates gentle, creamy formulas.

ย Ole Henriksen’s walnut complexion scrub retails for ยฃ26 and can be purchased on Selfridges here or Look Fantastic here.

What are your thoughts on physcial scrubs? Jess x


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