The Best Tinted Moisturiser…Ever

nars review tm 3

As someone who covets every light base under the sun, I have accumulated quite the collection of tinted moisturisers throughout the past couple of years. There are so many TM that I use and love (Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown & Liz Earle’s skin tint being notable mentions) but the one that is always top of the heap is NARS’ pure radiant tinted moisturiser.

First off, the shade range is quite extensive andΒ the undertone is predominately yellow based which I personally prefer as it evens out and neutralises any of my redness, but for those of you with very pale skin and a very obvious pink undertone in your skin, I wouldn’t recommend this to you. For me, this offers something that most other TM on the market doesn’t; a formula so sheer that it looks invisible on the skin but one that also gives a really good amount of coverage for the product that it is. It just seems to offer a veil of coverage that perfects the complexion in a very natural way, without masking anything completely. The ingredients list also boasts a lengthy line up of naturally derived botanicals that work to keep the skin looking bright and plump and the oil free formula is the icing on the cake for those of us with a bit of oiliness going on. And no, I never use this with a brush…fingers and hands only!

At Β£29, this isn’t the cheapest but for a base with a broad-spectrum protection of PA+++, 50ml of product and a beautiful finish, I’m personally happy to pay the price!

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