Five Zoeva Brushes Worth Spending Your Pennies On

zoeva 3

zoeva 4

The affordable brushes category in the blogosphere seems to be swamped with talk of Real Techniques and while I think the RT brushes are nice, I don’t really think they come close to Zoeva’s range of brushes in terms of quality and appearance. Their rose golden luxury set for example is not only beautiful, but with 8 brushes included in the set, it works out at around £6.80 per brush which you just can’t grumble at. After a lot of mulling over, these are the five that I love the most and are from the rose golden set and the rose golden luxury 2 set.

From left to right:

 102 silk finish

If you love and appreciate a good buffing brush and don’t own this brush, I’ll leave a link here and you can thank me later. ‘A silky hallelujah’ you say, Zoeva? I 1000% agree with you.

126 luxe finish

If you have chubby little cheeks like myself, this is the greatest brush for a perfect placement of blush but in all honesty, I love it just as much for all powder products (especially bronzer).

110 face shape

I prefer not to apply foundation all over my entire face so this is great for me when I want to just apply a tad of it in particular places. I also love this for cream bronzer, cream blush, cream highlighters…..ALL THE CREAMS.

234 luxe smoky shader 

I’ve included this not because it’s the most glamorous of brushes, but because it’s so handy and does a really, really good job. There’s nothing worse than a scratchy brush when you’re applying shadow to your lower lash line…am I right? This doesn’t irritate my eyes and makes smoking out the lower lash line fuss free.

227 luxe soft definer  

Some say it’s a dupe for MAC’s 217 but in my opinion, this is better. Much softer, much more flexible and much cheaper.

Have you tried Zoeva brushes? What are your favourites or which ones do you want to get your hands on? Jess x

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