My First Impressions of the Naked Smoky Palette & Look

naked smoky 5

naked smoky 7

naked smoky 13

This post has been patiently sat in my drafts for a good few weeks now because I’d completely forgotten about writing it but it’s better to be late to the party than to not show up at all, right?! 

I was initially dubious as to whether there was any point in me adding this palette to my already overcrowded collection as for me, two of the existing naked palettes offer everything I could ever want in the smoky eye department. And so, I overlooked all the hype and raving reviews without much thought. That was until, Tris bought it for me as a random gift and I gave it a go for myself to see what all the fuss was about.

As my preferences lie with a warm toned smoky eye, this palette is more of a traditional LBD smoky eye palette and so the shades aren’t ones that I would usually gravitate towards. The shades are a mix of cool tones and neutrals which are all encased in a beautiful, floating, marbled smoke case which is in my opinion, the best (by far) naked packaging to date.

So, on to the actual shadows and how well they perform. For the look above, I went with the more satin formulas within the palette because matte and satin formulas tend to fall down on the blendability front more so than shimmery shades so I proceeded with application; hoping for the best and kinda expecting the worst. The formula is quite emollient which made them really easy to blend but naturally also made creasing a bit of an issue. I started out with ‘whiskey’ as a transition shade and applied a mixture of ‘dagger’ and ‘password’ all over my mobile lid. I then used ‘black market’ on the outer portion of my upper lash line. I applied ‘dagger’ again on to my lower lash line and diffused the edges slightly with ‘whiskey’. It’s worth mentioning here that I didn’t use a base or primer of any kind beforehand so I’m more impressed than I thought I would be with the longevity of the shadows. In future, I’ll probably apply a light layer of powder over my lids beforehand just because I find that shadows with a more emollient formula tend to perform best when they have a powder base to adhere to and reduces the amount of creasing.

The case seems to be pretty sturdy, durable and features a large mirror which makes me think this would be great for travel. And although it’s not featured in the pictures, (sorry, I’ve moved and it’s in and amongst my makeup brush section in my suitcase!) the duo ended brush is pretty good for an added bonus. Because the brush is synthetic, however, the tapered blending end isn’t the best for blending, but the smudger brush is really great for niggling your way in to your lash line for intense smoky definition.

I think my heart will always be with the naked 1 as I’m definitely more of a warm toned eye kind of person but I really love this palette as something a bit different and I think I’ll get a lot of use out of most of the shades used as either liners or all over the lid shades!

The rest of my makeup: Rimmel’s wake me up foundation, L’Oreal’s brow artist plumper, Stila’s convertible color in petunia, MAC’s jubilee lipstick (made matte with a dab of translucent powder).

Have you got this palette? What do you think of it? Jess x

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7 thoughts on “My First Impressions of the Naked Smoky Palette & Look

  1. The cool tones look really pretty on you, even though you’re more of a warm-toned lover! I’ve thought about getting this but am in the same boat as you…like warmer colours on my eyes, only do smoky eyes occasionally.

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