Two New Delicious Releases From Roger & Gallet

r+g 2

*PR samples

Roger & Gallet seem to do sophisticated, feminine fragrances with just a hint of fruity sweetness so well, not to mention the ever elegant and beautiful packaging. The original gingembre rouge fragrance was born from a trip to Zanzibar that fuelled the inspiration behind this vibrant and exotic scent and the line has now been extended with a fresh shower gel and energising sorbet body lotion.

With notes of ginger, pomegranate and mandarin, the shower gel not only lifts your spirits mid morning shower when you’re feeling a bit groggy but the gel leaves behind a delicate, fruity scent that lasts for a good few hours. Pretty packaging and glorious scent aside, the soap free formula, enriched with aloe vera performs pretty well as a moisturising shower gel.

If you’re after something to pack more of a moisturising punch, the sorbet body lotion can do no wrong in my eyes. The subtle shimmer, refreshing sorbet texture and deliciously oriental scent all amount to making this one of the best body lotions I’ve ever used. I’ll admit that a ‘sorbet’ lotion does sound rather gimicky but hear me out – this lotion melts into an almost water like texture, just as a sorbet would so really, it all makes sense. Most importantly for a body lotion, this really delivers as an intensely moisturising product and that’s probably down to the ingredients list being packed full with oils such as passion-flower oil, avocado oil and apricot kernel oil.

Have you ever tried anything from Roger & Gallet? I think they’re a fantastic brand and I’m always ecstatic to receive their products in my mail! Jess x

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