So, L’Oreal Reformulated Their True Match Foundation…

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So, L’Oreal reformulated their cult-follower-tastic true match foundation and I had to get myself a bottle. The original true match was never a favourite of mine because I found that it blended pretty awfully and was far too matte for me but when I heard that the new and improved formula promises a more luminous, radiant and hydrating finish, I very speedily made an online purchase and picked up the shade ‘golden beige’.

On my skin, this looked and felt very, very, v e r y different to the original true match foundation. The formula to me, is a very emollient texture and has a good amount of slip so it just seemed to glide over the skin without too much effort although I would only recommend applying this with a flexible, synthetic brush as this is one of those ‘the more buffing, the better’ kind of bases. The finish is still supposed to be a natural to matte finish but on me, this new formula is a satin but very luminous finish and I have normal-combination skin. Unlike the original, I didn’t find this to sit on any pesky dry patches or settle in any lines throughout the day (frown lines or around the nose, that kinda thing) and I actually think it wore better as the day went on. I’ve heard through the blogging grapevine that the light reflecting particles in the foundation are shimmery but after holding my giant mirror up in front of the window in broad daylight and inspecting my face from as many angles as possible, I couldn’t detect any shimmery bits on my face. I also think the packaging is much sleeker and aesthetically pleasing than the last so this is just a massive thumbs up kind of review, really.


Have you tried this? Did you love/hate the original formula? Jess x

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16 thoughts on “So, L’Oreal Reformulated Their True Match Foundation…

  1. I used to use the original formula a lot although I wasn’t really the biggest fan of it, but I just picked up a bottle of the new formula last week and I definitely prefer it! I still wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, but I prefer the more glowy finish of the new formula
    Megan x

  2. I am really not impressed with the original so I feel like I should give this one a try. Like you say, the original is way too matte and sits in all the lines or on dry patches so this new one sounds loads better! xx

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