A Very Autumnal Smoky Eye Makeup Menu

autumn smoky 7

Apologies for my horrendously flat, matte complexion in this photo; I was trying out a new foundation today and it was just…..awful. Anyway, on with the post!

autumn smoky 5

*This post contains a PR sample (Sigma brush)

Aside from the obligatory hoarding of garish animal print PJs, knitted slipper socks and autumnal candles, Autumn is my favourite season for makeup trends and brand releases. The warm, rusty hues are right up my street so I thought I’d put together a little makeup menu to celebrate the majestical smoky eye in all its warm toned glory.

First things first, as my eyelids are as hooded as the grim reaper’s cloak, I like to create the illusion of a more prominent crease so as to give the appearance of a more definite crease/socket line. I just ran the shade ‘whiskey’ from the naked smoky palette through my crease using Sigma’s E39 brush. Like most people who rock the hooded eye…thing, my eyes are almond shaped so to accentuate and enchance that, I always blend and push the shadows outwards but you do you and what works best for your eye shape! I really love Max Factor’s excess shimmer shadow in bronze for the moussey texture it offers which makes things very easy in the blending department and when layered up, it provides a beautifully rich, coppery colour so I did exactly that on my mobile lid and also ran it along my lower lash line. I personally love a grungey eye so I like to avoid liquid liner or anything too exact and so instead just applied Stila’s smudge stick liner in ‘damsel’ along both my top and bottom waterlines. A couple of lashings of mascara and 5 minutes later, I was done! Easy peasy.

Are you an avid smoky eye wearer like myself? Let me know! Jess x

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