A Makeup Menu For Gals Who Wear Glasses

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As my eyesight is slowly but surely deteriorating as the years go by and as a daily wearer of contact lenses and glasses, I feel like I’m a pretty good person to be writing this post. I personally favour wearing contact lenses but for those days when my contacts feel dry and uncomfortable, I just tend to whack my glasses on but I do adapt my makeup slightly to accommodate my specs, if you will.

I find that a very thin layer of foundation with a flawless, satin finish compliments the bold frames of my glasses and as of late, I’ve been absolutely loving Vichy’s fluid dermablend corrective foundation. Powder is usually an absolute no-go for me but I do apply quite a generous layer of mattifying powder over the bridge of my nose, just to avoid indentation marks from my glasses. If you have overly oily skin and a bit of extra powder just doesn’t cut it, try applying an oil absorbing primer on the areas of your nose that will come in to contact with your glasses to keep everything in place.

My brow ‘routine’ usually just involves a tinted brow gel but when wearing glasses, I’ll define them a little further ( but still in a subtle way) with a waxy brow pencil, which I find help to tie everything together and frame my eye area in a way that doesn’t detract away from my specs, but prevents the upper half of my face looking a bit…washed out.

If you’re long sighted (I’m not) – it’s likely that your eyes will appear much larger through the frames and in that case, keep it very simple yet defined on the eyes as everything will be a lot more visible to the naked eye. I find doing a bit of extra under eye concealing works wonders as for me, I find that my glasses can often cast a shadow under my eyes which I’m just not in to. Know what I mean?

I used: Vichy’s dermablend  fluid corrective foundation, MAC’s moisture cover concealer, Rimmel’s stay matte powder, L’Oreal’s super liner & Clarins’ brow pencil.

Do you wear glasses? Do you tend to switch up your makeup routine when wearing glasses? Jess x

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