A Full Face of First Impressions

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We all know how fond I am of a neutral makeup line-up and even though the best part of this month has been makeup-less for me, I haven’t been able to resist wandering down the makeup aisles of Space NK, Superdrug and browsing the internet for new beauty bits to try. On with the post!

I always tend to go for tinted moisturisers over BB creams but with Sanctuary Spa being a brand that can do no wrong in my eyes, I decided to give theirs a go. I found it to initially have quite a thick, mouuse-like consistency but it actually blended really seamlessly across my skin and although this picture isn’t picking it up very well, the finish is very dewy. If I was planning on wearing this for an entire day, I would definitely powder my t-zone and face powder is something I rarely give a second thought to so keep that in mind!

The much-loved blushes from Hourglass have been on my mental beauty shopping list for a while now but £28 is a hella lot of money to spend on a blush so I put it off until a few days ago when I was grumpy and so made myself feel better by making a Space NK order. Let’s be real…for a product with this much hype and a pretty steep price tag, you would expect it to look like magical unicorn dust on your cheeks, right? I think the formula is beautifully silky, the colour pay off is good and it is a really beautiful blush (this one is dim infusion) that doubles up as a subtle highlight so I feel less guilty about the splurge but the Max Factor creme puff blushes are an excellent dupe if you don’t want to fork out nearly £30!

I don’t really give two hoots about mascaras but everything in my mascara compartment was drying out and going a bit crusty so I picked up L’Oreal’s telescopic clean definition on a whim because all I really want from a mascara is length and definition. The densely packed bristles and plastic wand make for really defined lashes and I found my lashes to hold really well with no transferring on to my lids which is a real bonus for hooded eye gals. Speaking of L’Oreal, their color riche gloss in ‘nude ballet’ was recommended to me by a friend as a good browny-nude gloss and although it’s a nice neutral shade, the texture is thick and slightly unforgiving on any dry patches which let’s face it, isn’t a good thing when it’s -1000° outside. Avon’s glimmer stick in ‘brown glow’ was just a nostaglic purchase but I’ve since worn it every time I’ve had a makeup day! The creamy formula and copper shimmer running through this handy little wind up pencil have well and truly impressed me.

Have you tried anything new recently that you absolutely love or loathe? Jess x





8 thoughts on “A Full Face of First Impressions

  1. An Hourglass blush is on my mental shopping list too, but I agree with you about the price. Haven’t bit the bullet just yet! May have to try that mascara though x

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