My December ‘To Do’ List

to do

Tis the season of excessive amounts of carbs, sweet spices, chocolate in all forms, jumping into your PJS at the earliest given opportunity and twinkly lights.

starrrrrrrrrIn true festive spirit of generosity, I’m going to try and get at least 3 mini giveaways up on my Instagram as a nice little send off for 2015 and to say thanks for all of the encouraging, kind words given to me throughout the year!


Have a go at making these Christmas pudding truffles because…well, just LOOK AT EM’.

starrrrrrrrrGo above and beyond with my Christmas wrapping and if that means spending outrageous amounts of money in Paperchase for unnecessary embellishments then so be it.

starrrrrrrrrFinish my assessment with time to spare. Mainly because writing up a psychoanalytic report of the James Bulger murder case dampens my mood whenever I work on it and I’d much prefer to get it out of the way and enjoy all the Christmas-y things!

starrrrrrrrrWork on putting a reeeaally good Christmas makeup menu together that will most definitely include some kind of glitter.

What have you got lined up this month or what do you reeeallly want to do in time for Christmas? Jess x

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4 thoughts on “My December ‘To Do’ List

  1. Yes!! Im trying to figure out some pretty good makeup looks too because it is just so hard!! I kind of hate working with glitter though but it looks so good sometimes!! The number one thing on my December to do list would definitely be to figure out how to make really good brownies lol

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