My Christmas Eve Makeup Menu

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It’s time to dig deep in to our makeup stash, pull out all the glitters we can find and go to town with our makeup, am I right? I had every intention of using as many of my MAC pigments as possible, but I’m drawn towards  these two more affordable options to glitz my eyelids up on the night. The glitzy offerings in question are from Collection with their glam crystals liner in ‘funk’ which I’ll use as a base and Barry M’s dazzle dust in ‘silver’ which requires a bit more work than MAC’s pigments but nothing a couple of shadow shields can’t sort out!

I seem to bang on about Chanel’s vitalumiere aqua foundation at every given opportunity, but I just can’t help myself. The finish is that of a velvety, dewy veil over the skin with medium coverage that leaves me not ever really wanting to apply any additional coverage (concealer, correctors etc). I’ve yet to find a powder blush formula that performs quite like my Hourglass blush in ‘dim infusion’  in the way that it provides such an ethereal type glow without looking like a typical powder. A natural looking sunkissed complexion with the aid of a cream bronzer is something I don’t think I’ll ever tire of and for an all over bronzing, I’ll be going to town with Chanel’s soleil tan de Chanel. For extra definition and clarity around my eye area and just because it’s a ‘special occasion’, I picked up the Fleur Loves lashes from Eylure which are great for my little old hooded eyes as they are 3/4 length and don’t look overboard in the slightest.

I’m still toying with the idea of MAC’s all fired up but for now, I think I’ll go with MAC’s jubilee as it’s a beautifully glossy brown nude that will pair nicely with my smoky, glittery, slightly OTT eye makeup.

What kind of makeup will you be wearing on Christmas eve/day? Jess x

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