A New Year’s Eve Bold Lip Edit

new years eve lip edit

So, the story always seems to go a little something like this…you have every intention of rocking a perfectly applied bold lip and looking like a modern day bombshell but when it comes down to it, you just instinctively reach for that peachy nude that’s already on its last legs. I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’m a creature of habit when it comes to the lipstick department so to serve up some bold lip inspiration, I’ve picked out three of my favorite bold lippies that look great on just about everyone.

A blue toned berry lip can be a hard thing to come by but unsurprisingly, Charlotte Tilbury has got it just about perfect with ‘velvet underground’. With a cashmere-like soft texture and magenta tone, this really is quite a unique shade and although the finish isn’t a traditional matte, the pigment really grips on to the lips and rivals the lasting power of a lot of true matte formulations.

Standing as a relatively new shade offering from the Bourjois rouge edition velvet line, ‘plum plum girl’ is a beautifully soft, vampy plum. This shade, in particular, requires a bit more patience and layering than other liquid lipsticks, but the end result is really rather stunning!

How could I do a bold lip edit without featuring a matte lipstick from MAC? My all time is favourite is ‘all fired up’ from the retro matte line but as a more recent discovery, ‘relentlessy red’ is a fuschia come coral red that brightens the complexion like nothing else and pairs beautifully with a simple, understated eye look.

Swatches below, from top to bottom: relentlessly red, plum plum girl and velvet underground.

new years lip 2

What lip will you be wearing this new year’s eve? Jess x


15 thoughts on “A New Year’s Eve Bold Lip Edit

  1. I LOVE that bourgeois lipstick, its such a beautiful shade and good value too

    Aliya x | thecatandthegirl.blogspot.co.uk

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