My Favourite Beauty Instagrammers

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Perusing Instagram in the evening when anything that requires a smidgen too much concentration just isn’t going to happen is my ultimate escapism tactic. And while I don’t actually follow many accounts or even some of the accounts mentioned in this post, I do take a daily peek at them because as odd as it sounds, I like the element of surprise as opposed to having an abundance of posts in my home page. Today I’m honing in on my favourite beauty Instagrammers and there isn’t an over sculpted face or ‘Instagram brow’ in sight…

Beauty Is Boring (Robin Black) – In a world where Kardashian-esque sculpting, overdrawn lips and carved out Instagram brows are profuse, I appreciate Robin’s effortless artistry more than ever. Her looks pay homage to editorial style makeup but are executed in a very wearable way. I adore her work for the focus on a clean, paired back complexion with accents of colour to bring the looks to life.

Milly Hall – Now, before you write this off as a biased choice as she just so happens to be my little sister, please just take a look at her Instagram and see if you can think of any other 16 year old with such an elegant, confident style.

Jodie Melissa – Not only do I relate to Jodie as a fellow student at University studying psychology, I love how cohesive her Instagram is with cool tones in her photography running throughout and her professional style.

Hanhabelle – I met Hanh a while back at a beauty event in London and from then on, have always admired her impossibly clean easthetic and ability to make just about anything look so very beautiful.

Kate La Vie – Because how could I not mention the queen of flatlays herself? I think I’d still hit that heart button even if she Instagrammed a polystyrene cup of tap water.

Temp Sec – Sarah’s Instagram offers varied content and I love it for how she often switches up her style and her immaculate placement of products within her posts.

Adrienne Iola – I love Adie’s Instagram for the way it features snippets of her day to day life but in such an effortlessly stylish way and the slightly monochrome feel to her theme.

The Love Cats Inc – I’ve loved Helen’s blog content for a while now and as her Instagram is a beautiful extension of her blog, naturally, it is of course one of my favourites.

Who are your favourite beauty Instagrammers? Jess x


9 thoughts on “My Favourite Beauty Instagrammers

  1. Thank you so much for including me in this post, I really appreciate it! I left a long comment on your instagram post yesterday but I think my wifi cut out and it didn’t go through (either that, or I left the comment on someone else’s post by accident, haha!). Was just saying that I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed the overly-sculpted face and Instagram brows – that’s such a classic instagram look now! I sometimes feel like I don’t belong on there because I have a face like a potato and my brows are soooo NOT on fleek!!! haha! xxx

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