My ‘Spa At Home’ Set Up

spa home 3

I’m sat here typing this post wishing I was in this tub at home but alas, student housing fails me on the free standing white and golden bath tub front. After a long, hard week, full to the brim with assignment hand ins, revision and a shed load of work, I thought I’d dedicate a post to the art of relaxation and clearing the mind with the aid of indulgent products.

Nothing evokes a zen-like state of mind quite like a good candle. Sickly sweet scented candles are my guilty pleasure but for a more calming and natural scent, I love Diptyque’s figuier, which to me, is a fig and pine cone forest in wax form.

Generally speaking, I favour throwing a Lush bath bomb over using any overly fancy products but, as I was trying to re-create the ambience of a luxe spa day, I thought the ever so elegant and grown up lime blossom bath oil from Jo Malone would be better suited and luckily, it smells heavenly.

Instead of undertaking the tedious task of washing my hair when I’m trying to be as sloth-like as possible, I like to apply Lush’s American cream conditioner as a hair mask on the bottom two-thirds of my hair because as a girl with the knottiest locks going, it really helps to help my hair chill out.

While we’re on the topic of masks, I love Liz Earle’s brightening treatment offering for when my skin is looking a little lacklustre and well, dull. I love Liz Earle’s products for their simple yet effective formulas and their beautifully botanical scents.

And as shower gels are quite possibly one of my favourite beauty categories…ever, I couldn’t not include one here. As this post has already steered more towards the luxe side of things, I don’t mind admitting that I love Molton Brown’s ridiculously expensive shower gels. I find their array of scents so unique and as a citrusy, invigorating gel, I love their Japanese orange offering.

Do you ever take some time out to create a DIY spa at home? Jess x



8 thoughts on “My ‘Spa At Home’ Set Up

  1. Figuier is my favorite Diptyque candle! I loved lighting it just to create a soothing atmosphere, but sadly I’ve run out so I’ll need to splurge to enjoy it again. Unfortunately I don’t have a tub so the closest I get to a spa feeling is giving myself a mani-pedi treat at home!

    Cindy |

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