All About My Instagram & How I Edit My Photos

all about my instagram photos

Aah, the illusion of Instagram. The pristine compositions, lighting and marble backgrounds really do mask a multitude of sins. That snap in the top left-hand corner? It was taken whilst I was slurping on the remanents of a pot noodle, sporting greasy-beyond-belief hair and a pair of pyjamas that are as Instagram-worthy as a burnt piece of toast. All is not as it seems, but I do love attempting to create a beautiful Instagram feed that will hopefully leave passers-by with a ‘I’mย really glad I stumbled across this page, girl done good’ kinda feeling, you know? P.S. You can follow me on Instagram here!

After having noticed that I’ve been receiving complimentary comments about my Instagram quite regularly, I thought I’d whip up a post giving the low down on how I go about things on my Insta with a few editing tips and before and after shots.

I’d describe my aesthetic as clean and white based, with accents of rosy hues, courtesy of my love for that ballet slipper pink shade and the filter I use most often; ‘Aden’. I usually stickย to between 30-50 on the scale of intensity for this particular filter and I always heighten the brightness and highlights editing tools. If the brightness and highlight tools just aren’t cutting the mustard, I’ll use the ‘whiten’ tool in the ‘AirBrush’ app which, when used sparingly, can work wonders for when the lighting isn’t tip top.

before 6

(Toned ‘warmth’ tool up to 14, Aden filter to 38, brightness and highlights tools up to 46 and shadows tool to -14).

before 9

(Used whiten tool in AirBrush app on the ceramic part of the bath and the wall tiles, turned the brightness up to 80, contrast up to 14 and Aden filter up to 28).

before 3

(Used whiten tool in AirBrush app on the entirety of the wooden background, turned highlights tool up to 46, shadows to -26 and warmth down to -14).

Hope you found this helpful or interesting! Jess x


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