My Thoughts on Charlotte Tilbury’s Golden Goddess Palette




Contrary to my intentions of being a little more frugal and a little less nonessential spending-happy during the month of January, this Charlotte Tilbury palette made it into my online basket on a Sunday afternoon and my financial struggles as a beauty addict on a student budget prevailed. So to somewhat justify my luxe purchase, I thought I’d pull together a first impressions post and tell you all about my initial thoughts, likes and dislikes of one of CT’s much-loved eye shadow palettes; ‘the golden goddess’.

It goes without saying that the mirrored rose copper interior and burgundy case that houses these 4 shadows are aesthetically beautiful. The palette itself isn’t as weighty as I’d imagined it to be which detracts from the luxuriousness of it in some aspects but as they say, it’s what’s on the inside counts. The shadow pans themselves in total, contain 5.2 grams of product (around £7.30 per gram) which is ok but for this kind of price tag, I’m expecting the shadows to be of flawless quality.

This palette features four very harmonious and beautiful shades; a warm yellow champagne, a neutral mink, a warm brown and a golden-bronze glitter. While there is a lot of shimmer running throughout the palette, I found it to be a very fine shimmer that distributed evenly across my lids and I also think these shadows layer and blend really easily and are easy to work with. In each of Charlotte Tilbury’s palette offerings, there is a ‘pop’ shade and in the case of this palette, said shade (golden-bronze glitter) didn’t translate well onto my lids. As suggested, I applied the glitter by pressing it onto my mobile lid with my finger but I just didn’t find it to really amount to anything. As for the rest of the shadows – I found them to be fairly sheer in pigment which I personally favour as it allows for flexibility when building the intensity but if you are after shadows with kick-ass kinda pigmentation, these might not float your boat.

This, for me, is a classic case of a brand with a fantastic marketing strategy that when I look past the exquisite packaging and hype, I’m left with just a good palette. Nothing spectacular but certainly not a bad product by any stretch of the imagination.

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury palettes? Jess x



23 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Charlotte Tilbury’s Golden Goddess Palette

  1. Great review Jess! I have the Dolce Vita palette and I have to say I feel much the same on that one too! The glitter shade really disappointed me too, it was too sheer and just didn’t have enough pigment in it! The rest of the shades were nice enough but nothing special!

      1. No bother! Definitely, I don’t quite understand the hype at all especially with the glitter shade as everyone seems to love it!

  2. I have the Dolce Vita Palette and I really like the standard shades, I thought they were fairly pigmented and blended really well. I totally agree with the glittery shade though, it just didn’t really add anything. I love this look on your though, it really suits you! xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

  3. Iv’e had my eye on the quad’s for a while but I love a really intense glitter ! it’s such a shame that you didn’t find them to be very pigmented ! Lovely photo’s and great review ! x

  4. I recently purchased the Fallen Angel Luxury palette which seems absolutely beautiful but now I’m wondering if I should have picked up this one instead because it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I have the Dolce Vita palette and I absolutely love it to peices! I’m student too and I try not to think about how much I spent on it (bye bye any chance of not eating pot noodle for the rest of term) but I’d definitely say it was worth it – the glitter shadow is a lot more glittery than the Golden Goddess one. I was stuck between Golden Goddess and Dolce Vita when choosing and it was the glitter that made up my mind! 😀 xxx

    1. Hahaha I feel you on the pot noodle dilemma, I’ve also tried the glitter in the dolce vita one but for me, the pigment isn’t intense enough to justify the price tag. I naturally just compare them to my MAC pigments so they’re never really going to come close! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 xx

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