My Review of The Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera

img_20160202_114749.jpgAfter feeling somewhat uninspired by my content and having saved up a few pennies, I decided that it was time to try the much-loved Olympus Pen E-Pl7 for myself. And while I don’t think £400 is an outrageously unjust price tag for a camera of this calibre, I do appreciate that this is an investment so I’d recommend scouting

the blogosphere for as many reviews as you can find; just to gain a comprehensive overview of what it can offer you.

I must start by telling you that I am quite the amateur – nonetheless, I now consider myself to be a little less noob-ish in the photography department. Hailed as THE camera for bloggers, I can vouch for this camera being just as much about substance as it is style. Although the white and taupe/blush exterior version seems to be much more covetable, I decided to go with the black, purely to disguise the inevitable grubby marks that will no doubt start to appear soon enough.

I’ll start by addressing the most important factor when discussing cameras: the quality of the photos. They are exceptionally good, and even more surprisingly, better by far than some older DSLR models I’ve tried. I currently just have the 14-42mm lens and while I can imagine that the 45mm lens would be more suited to those craving a stronger depth of field for outfit photos, I’m perfectly content with the 14-42 counterpart. Even on Auto, the level to which you can blur the background is seriously good. On manual? Even better. This camera is just…effortless. It links seamlessly with the Olympus app, allowing you to send your pics over to your social media channels via Wi-Fi and sidenote – the app also allows you to use your phone as a remote control for the camera. I also find the low light shooting capabilities of the E-PL7 to be pretty impressive, even when paired with a fairly high ISO.

And yes, the flip-down screen is every bit as good as they claim it to be. No longer do I have to awkwardly position myself and faff about with a handheld mirror, attempting to take a half decent photo of my face. Rejoice. It’s also fantastic for taking flatlay shots as the tilted/flip-down screen can be placed perpendicularly to the lens. If you’re accustomed to a viewfinder, this may take a little getting used to as it is without one. I personally don’t care for viewfinders anyway and I think Olympus probably refrained from including one as it suits the demographic for this camera – casual ‘point-and-shoot’ photographers, bloggers etc.

It’s lightweight, it’s compact, it’s efficient; it’s practically perfect in every way.

What do you think about this camera? Has this review been helpful? 🙂 Jess x


19 thoughts on “My Review of The Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera

  1. Great review! I’ve been wanting to get a blogging camera for so long but I’m still clueless as to what to get! I’ll definitely consider this Olympus Camera!
    -Ghia of

  2. This was such a great review. You see this camera popping everywhere and being dubbed the ultimate blogger camera, so it was interesting to know how it actually performs in addition to being pretty to look at. Might have to try this since the flip screen sounds so convenient for doing makeup posts! x

  3. I love my Canon, but I have to say some of the features of this one sound absolutely brilliant. Not least how compact it is – mine is a bit of a bitch to carry around, I must admit! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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