Is Bioderma’s Créaline H20 Really Worth All The Raving Reviews?

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Let the cliché commence.  After perusing the aisles of a Parisian pharmacie last year, I decided to pick up a bottle of Bioderma’s much-loved créaline H20 and see just what the fuss was all about. Intrigued, I set about using it the evening of that very same day and was left feeling somewhat ‘meh’ about the whole thing.

I paid roughly £4 for this 500ml bottle which, when compared to the frankly, ridiculous price tag of £10.50 for 250ml that the majority of UK retailers demand, actually works out as cheaper than its Garnier and Simple micellar water counterparts.

I can imagine this to be a welcomed addition to the skincare stashes of those with sensitive skin as the formula is totally hypoallergenic. Although very little of this is needed to effectively remove the remanents of any visible makeup, it does leave my skin feeling slightly parched and in need of an extra drop of my oil or serum further along in my routine; something I don’t find after using other micellaires alternatives. Interestingly, both coconut oil and dimethicone are listed as the second and fifth ingredients; both renowned for their moisturising  and conditioning properties. And yet, even as a micellar solution marketed for normal to dry skins, I find myself to be tugging at my skin when using this, even after liberally dousing my cotton pad with it.

 I definitely don’t think that the performance justifies the price you pay for it in the UK but if you find yourself in France any time soon, it is worth picking up because it’s as cheap as chips over there.

P.S. If you’re still itching to get your hands on a bottle, I found a website called Cocoon Center that sells the 500ml bottles for £8.45 each here, which is MUCH cheaper than what it retails for in Boots.

What do you think of Bioderma? Jess x

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16 thoughts on “Is Bioderma’s Créaline H20 Really Worth All The Raving Reviews?

  1. I had no idea that bioderma was so much cheaper in france?? I tried it a few times since my cousin had it but it didn’t remove my makeup (except waterproof mascara) as easily as the garnier micellar water, and it felt stickier afterwards too. So I’m not really getting the big hype around it :/

    YIGE a blog

  2. I’ve had my bottle of Bioderma for a few years now and I’m trying to save the last of it because I love it! I think it removes makeup so much faster than the alternatives, although I think the dupe that Simple do is the best, in terms of value anyway!

    1. So interesting how products can work differently for different people! Bioderma in France is so much cheaper than all micellar waters available here! Even Simple and Garnier..mind boggling haha

  3. I haven’t tried this one but swear by the green bottle/sebum version for combination skin. I won’t buy it in UK though as like you say it’s overpriced. Usually pick up a double pack when in France for about €10 and that lasts all year.

  4. Honestly, I never got the hype over this product either. It is a quick way for you take off your makeup and such but I found it did not take off my waterproof mascara at all. And I usually have to follow with my clarisonic to cleanse my face anyways and I find that my face still has foundation on it even after using the Bioderma. Only reason I use it is because I received it as a gift so I didn’t have to pay for it!

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