My Bedside Beauty Set Up


*All products featured in this post are PR samples

Though I’m not one for following my days up with an extensive array of evening skincare products, I do like to incorporate a couple of moisture-boosting and glow-inducing treats to remedy the dull, lacklustre tendencies of my skin. There’s something rather cathartic about nourishing your skin while tucked up in bed, isn’t there?

No matter the season, I always use some kind of natural oil as part of my evening skincare and after using Trilogy’s CoQ10 booster oil for 5 weeks (ish), I’ve already decided, without hesitation, that it will be repurchased. Glycablend; an amalgamation of chia, blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate oils, works wonders for brightening my skin and upping the radiance levels.  With dissertation and assignment deadlines looming,

With dissertation and assignment deadlines looming, my under eye circles aren’t looking all too brilliant and so I’ve turned to my trusty idealia eye cream from Vichy which, not only moisturises, but illuminates the eye area as the cream is formulated with illuminating, tinted pigments.

I cannot seem to go an hour, let alone a whole night, without applying lip balm and although I have a lot of balms on rotation, I love the instant light balms from Clarins for their light formula and fuss-free wind-up packaging.

What is currently in your bedside beauty stash? Jess x


10 thoughts on “My Bedside Beauty Set Up

  1. The Trilogy oil sounds so good, I need to invest in some good facial oils for the dry winter months (or just in general because when is my skin not dry?)

    YIGE a blog

  2. I use an natural oil for my face for hydration and I also apply a lip balm before going to bed! And of course, I have 2-3 body lotions on my bedside table so I can apply one before sleeping 🙂

  3. I’ve been loving the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm and I’ve been keeping it in my bedside. Such a soft and nourishing lip balm! I highly recommend it!
    -Ghia of

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