My First Impressions of BareMinerals’ Complexion Rescue




Much like my NARS tinted moisturiser that I so dearly love, this offering from bareMinerals, although a step away from a traditional tinted moisturiser in the coverage department, still provides all the benefits of one; hydrating, lightweight and little effort required.

I often find that complexion products within the realms of BB, CC or tinted moisturisers can be a bit claggy and thick in texture but I think this formula blends really well and although it’s described as a cream, I find the consistency to be quite thin and not mousse-y in the slightest. For me, this provides a medium-ish coverage but on closer inspection with my magnifying mirror, it’s pretty undetectable on the skin. Magic.

If you have slightly oilier skin, I think this would still work for you as although the formula is hydrating and really quite emollient, it’s not rich or slippery in any way. Also, rather handily for spring and summer, this gel-cream hybrid has an SPF of 30 which is pretty good going, although I will always still use a separate SPF underneath any foundation as the amount of foundation we typically apply doesn’t provide enough SPF to protect us.

The shade range caters to a lot of different skin tones; ranging from a pale, pink based undertone to a dark, caramel based undertone for those with dark skin wanting to brighten their complexion e.g. areas of discolouration, dark pigmentation.

A product of this kind is never going to win any prizes for outstanding longevity although it did stick around for a lot longer than I had imagined; around 6-7 hours. Worthy of note here, is that I never wear any setting powder so I would imagine that if you were to use one, the longevity would increase.

Have you tried this product? Jess x




8 thoughts on “My First Impressions of BareMinerals’ Complexion Rescue

  1. I love using complexion rescue during the summer months, it makes my skin look so healthy! You’ve inspired me to get it out already & start wearing it again.
    Lucie xo |

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