The ‘Cream’ Blush for Dewy Skin Lovers


Cream blush, créme patissiere, creamy beige hues, coconut cream, cream bronzer, BB creams; I’m really just partial to cream in all its splendorous forms. Unashamedly(ish), my already overflowing cream blush collection has recently just made a little room for the much-loved Daniel Sandler watercolour blush in ‘cherub’ and I can confirm that it now resides alongside my NARS & Stila cream blushers as one of my favourite rouge formulas.

By a mile, this is the most natural looking blush I’ve ever encountered; as you blend, it almost becomes one with the skin and on close inspection, is absolutely undetectable on the cheeks. I reach for this almost every time I wear makeup and as a couple of droplets are all you really need, I can’t imagine ever using up the entirety of the 15ml bottle!

The formula, as the name suggests, is evocative of a traditional watercolour paint and although very watery and thin, it does set down to a satin-non-powdery finish which naturally enhances the longevity. If, like me, you’re a well-seasoned cream blush aficionado and this product isn’t sitting in your collection as of yet, I would highly recommend picking one up from as they are always offering some kind of discount on there and the delivery is free with every order!

Have you tried this product yet? Jess x


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