My Current Morning Skincare Line-Up


*This post contains PR samples (Grown Alchemist cleanser & Trilogy COQ10 oil)

Posts dedicated solely to skincare regimes and reviews are few and far between on my blog; primarily because I believe the skincare industry is a circus of false pretense but also because my skin is naturally good, and so I feel that throwing a load of products (and money) on to my face is pretty pointless. I do, however, love to hydrate and exfoliate my skin as it does have dull and dehydrated tendencies. Worthy of note here, is that my preferences with skincare lie with natural ingredients and paraben-free formulas.

To rid my skin of any residue from the night before, oil and dirt, I love slathering Grown Alchemist’s olive leaf cream cleanser all over my face and splashing it off with cold water to get the blood flowing and stop me from looking like I’m about to audition as an extra for The Walking Dead. In spite of the fact that this has a beautifully whipped, buttery consistency, I find it to wash away quite effortlessly without the need of a little assistance from a muslin cloth.

For exfoliation, I prefer to use an AHA liquid over a manual exfoliant and although Pixi’s glow tonic; a glycolic based exfoliating liquid, is quite astringent, I don’t find it to irritate my skin or induce any unwanted redness. Instead, it rids my skin of any severe dry/flaky patches and brightens my skin like nothing else. At £18 for 250ml, this is, by a mile, the most affordable mid-range AHA exfoliant out there…is there anything not to love, really?

After having recently attended a Trilogy event to learn all about their new Glycablend range, I’m really quite taken with them as a brand, for their ethics, contributions to the environment, devotion to natural ingredients and effective formulas. I cannot speak highly enough of this CoQ10 booster oil; a meagre 2 drops hydrates my skin more than even the heaviest of my moisturisers.Strawberry, chia, blueberry and pomegranate seed oils all packed in to one little bottle? Yes Please. P.S. I say little; I’ve been using this oil almost every day for the past 2 months and I could fool someone in to thinking it’s a newly purchased item!

I apply lip balm approximately 5 bazillion times a day but for a fruity kick in the mornings, I love my Korres quince lip balm, which aside from being hydrating, has a tint of corally-pink to it…lovely.

Have you tried any of these products? What is your current favourite skincare product or something that you just can’t go a day without? Let me know! Jess x



13 thoughts on “My Current Morning Skincare Line-Up

  1. I loved the Pixi Glow Tonic, but I use Biologique Recherché P50 for my acid step in my skincare routine. It’s a bit pricey though, so I recommend the Pixi one for a less spendy option.

  2. Not surprised you’re loving the Trilogy oil – I am too! Will definitely be repurchasing and trying out some other bits from the brand. The Korres lip balm sounds rather lovely also. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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