My Top 5 Picks from Lush

lush top 5

Slightly unorthodox, but I’m not as enamoured by Lush’s extensive array of bubble bars as everyone else appears to be. Yes, I’m partial to the odd bath bomb that leaves a confetti, glitter or petal film at the bottom of my tub but in all honesty, I’m much more interested in Lush’s other offerings.

Rub rub rub shower scrub – Courtesy of my reptile-esque, dry skin; this shower scrub works wonders for gently ridding my skin of any flakiness and I also use it as a sort of clarifying shampoo. Every 2 (ish) weeks, I’ll use this in place of my regular shampoo to rid my hair of any product build-up, impurities and grease. Sea salt, jasmine, orange flower and lemon oil? Yes, please.

Rose jam shower gel – Β In no way emblematic to the smells of a dear old lady’s boudoir; this limited edition gel scent smells very fresh and of vanilla, rose, Turkish delight and argan oil. I only wish Lush would right their wrongs and make this a permanent product! Until that day comes, I will continue to ration my stash out and scream at any one of my family members whom tries to sneakily use it.

Rose jam bubbleroon – Much like the shower gel, this macaron-esque bubble bar is a rose lover’s dream. With the addition of lemon oil and shea butter, this is fresh, decadent and makes for a very luxurorious bath indeed.

American cream – this hair conditioner makes the perils of having dry, fine and yet bushy hair seem all the less worse. While its consistency isn’t particularly rich, it serves well as a conditioner that injects moisture without weighing the hair down.

Dirty springwash shower gel – the old ‘last, but certaintly not least’ phrase couldn’t be truer here; this is almost certainly my favourite shower gel from Lush. Spearmint scents are just my fave and with the added herby note of thyme, this feels quite grown-up.

Are you a Lush fan? If so, what are your fave products? πŸ™‚ Jess x



4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Picks from Lush

  1. I really need to try the American Cream conditioner, it sounds so good! Great picks, I will need to check them out! My favourites are the Comforter bubble bar, the blackberry scent is amazing and Snow Fairy shower gel!

  2. I am a lush fan, and like you the bubble bars and bath bombs aren’t so appealing because I have to scrub glitter and color out of my tub afterwards! I do like their soaps and buffy body scrubber!

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