Four Ways to Turn Sunday Into a Funday


With the odd interval thrown in for making a trip to the kitchen to wallow in copious amounts of sugary goodness and foods packaged in red saturated fat labels, we’re all guilty of spending far too much of our Sundays laid horizontally and falling victim to Netflix. If you’re in need of some inspiration but are wanting to avoid anything too arduous or spendy, just keep scrolling…

Go picnickin’ – There’s nothing quite like lolling around on a tartan blanket whilst surrounded by  an assemblage of sweet and savoury snacks, is there? And if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than sausage rolls and ham sandwiches, this 101 picnic recipes list should get your taste buds tingling.

Cook a dish from a cuisine you’ve never experienced before – Ever tried your hand at Nigerian, Peruvian or Malaysian cookery? If not, do a bit of googlin’, see what takes your fancy and try something new!

Start a scrapbook – Because adorning a scrapbook with your fondest memories and embellishing the pages with keepsakes is pretty nifty.

Try out a new DIY beauty recipe – whether you’re looking to save your pennies or have a liking for homemade beauty treatments and natural ingredients, take a peek at Hello Glow’s DIY beauty recipes; they’re all good’uns.

Do you have any ideas for Sundays? Jess x



6 thoughts on “Four Ways to Turn Sunday Into a Funday

  1. Lovely ideas! I need to continue my scrapbook. I always start it, but never continue once I start. It’s such a good way to pass time and a fun thing to do when you’re having a chilled day xx

    Lauren |

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