What I Eat on Busy Days When I’m Out and About

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We’re all friends here; while the abundance of those delightful little ‘what I eat in a day’videos are all very lovely and aesthetically pleasing, they are often very unrealistic. So, after spending this past week at my new job and having to prepare quick and easy dishes for the day ahead every evening, I thought a food diary of what I took to work to eat on one particular day would be a good source of inspiration for the average Joe who isn’t a YouTuber working from home, doesn’t want to spend too much time or money on their lunches and snacks, but who still wants flavourful, filling and healthy food.

For my breakfast on this particular day, I just pulled out my ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ jar of coconut and strawberry overnight oats from the fridge and gobbled it up whilst simultaneously applying makeup and watching sunbeamsjess’ vlog. All this jar requires is a handful of rolled oats, enough milk to cover said oats and a heaped tablespoon of desiccated coconut. I then just topped it with strawberries in the morning for a lil bit of fruity flavour.

For a snack whilst at work at around 11am, I munched on these hand cooked root vegetable crisps from Tesco, which I admittedly picked up partially for the pink typography and adorbs illustrations.

For my lunch, I had a duo of salads (oo-er). The first of the two being a mixed bean, orange and coriander salad and the latter being a mixed leaf salad with griddled halloumi. Quite simply, the bean salad consisted of half a large orange, half of a yellow pepper, half a can of kidney beans, half a can of butter beans, half of a red onion, a large handful of coriander, a handful of cherry tomatoes and a tablespoon of mixed seeds (chia, flax & pumpkin).

And because it’s rude not to finish a savoury meal with a lil something sweet, I had one of my homemade bounty bars which I had made on the weekend prior to the working week. I actually found this recipe on Sorted Food’s YouTube channel and let me tell you, they taste EXACTLY like the real McCoy. Delicious. They consist of three ingredients: desiccated coconut, condensed milk and milk chocolate…genius!

To intermittently sip on throughout the day to quench my thirst, I just had a large bottle of water with a chopped up orange thrown into it to jazz things up a bit.

So, what do you think? None of these recipes took any real time to prepare so I hope you find them helpful if you’re in need of a bit of inspiration for work lunches! Jess x



8 thoughts on “What I Eat on Busy Days When I’m Out and About

  1. Brilliant – healthy food ideas which are actually practical to eat on the go and also look really tasty! I must look into root vegetable crisps, that’s such a good idea for when you’re starving and have no time to prepare anything. As for the homemade bounty – GIMME! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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