The Rose Gold Highlighter That I’m Head Over Heels For

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*PR Sample

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about Laura Geller’s Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in ‘Ballerina’.

I find a lot of powder highlighters to be a tad too glittery and disco ball-esque; not this one. This offering imparts a rosy-golden hue that pairs indescribably well with a warm petal pink blush. Rather than imparting the aforementioned glittery-ness that so many other highlighters do, this offers more of a sheen to the skin when used sparingly but also layers really beautiful if your preference lies with a more liberal dose of highlight!

Courtesy of the rosy undertones, this also works really well as a kind of blush-topper if your blush of choice needs a bit of sprucing up in the glow department or looks a little flat. For a powder formulation, this is really quite smooth and creamy and so doesn’t sit on top of the skin which lends itself towards a more natural, ‘candlelight’ kinda glow. And for that reason, also, the longevity is pretty good and I find it to look the same for around 7-8 hours without any fading.

And although I’ve seen the packaging of these gelato highlighters come under scrutiny for being housed in this style of plastic casing, I actually quite like it for its lightweight feel and for travelling with.

I love this stuff. Plain and simple.

Have you tried Laura Geller’s baked gelato illuminators before? Jess x


5 thoughts on “The Rose Gold Highlighter That I’m Head Over Heels For

    1. Yes I think so haha! I normally only use cream highlighters as I don’t like using anything powdery on my skin but this is a really beautiful texture – not like most powder highlighters! X

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