My First Impressions of a Few Sigma Brushes & Makeup Bits




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*PR samples

I feel so incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to work with some amazingly supportive and generous PR companies and so when the PR team over at Sigma kindly sent over a package of some of their new in and popular products and brushes this week, I thought writing up my thoughts after having tried and tested them for the first time would be a nice way of showcasing them!

I’m well-rehearsed in the neutral, peachy-pink blush department and so was delighted to find the Aura Powder Blush in ‘Pet Name’ in and amongst the contents of my parcel! As a soft, pastel-peach, this pairs beautifully with a fair skin tone. If your preference lies with a subtle flush on the cheeks, this is the blush for you. Although the powder itself has quite a bit of fall out when picking up the product on a brush, the formula is incredibly silky; I’ve never used a powder blush with such a fine, satiny texture before and on closer inspection in my magnifying mirror, there are no traces of any powder sitting on top of the skin. Also worthy of note here, is that this is, by a mile, the largest pan of blush I’ve ever own and indeed seen.

As a one-wash eye shadow kinda girl, I can fully appreciate the beauty of a good single shadow. A warm-toned bronze? Even more so. So, as you can imagine, my eyes lit up when I came across The Individual Shadow in ‘Topaz’. Prompted by my makeup-related instincts, I immediately began comparing this with my MAC and Urban decay shadows to determine the quality. I think the pigmentation is superior to a lot of MAC shadows (I find them to all differ in quality) but the formula isn’t quite as buttery as UD shadows. In saying that, these are a lot more affordable than said UD shadows and it doesn’t crease *jumps for joy*.

On to my nemesis: mascara. As a regular wearer of contact lenses, a lot of mascaras irritate my poor eyeballs and so I did a bit of research on the ‘High Caliber Lash Mascara’ before applying it. The mascaras that irritate my eyes all tend to have been formulated with the inclusion of phthalates and so when the ingredients list read ‘formulated without: parabens, sulfates, phthalates’ etc, I was mightily relieved. This is quite a wet formula which, while bodes well for my lashes, might not be up your street if you prefer a drier mascara. I find this to be a great one for lengthening and while I tend to lean more towards skinny wands, this wand really grips on to my lashes and offers length and definition.

The’ E39 buff and blend’ by Sigma is one that I use every time I apply any kind of eye shadow and so I already had an inkling I would love the ‘E37 all over blend’. In fact, I knew that I’d love all three of these brushes before I’d even used them after having hailed my already existing Sigma brushes as my favourite makeup brushes. This one is a little longer than the E39 and so is great for blending out any shadow work in the crease and for general blending. The ‘F05 small contour’ brush is the softest powder-appropriate brush I’ve ever used. I used it for both contouring and bronzing and while it isn’t tapered as most traditional contouring brushes are, the small, squared shape of the brush lends itself to seamless blending and subtle contouring. Shaped much in the same way as the famous Anastasia Pro Face Detail Brush, the ‘FO3 High Cheekbone Highlighter’ brush is fantastic for precise placement and for really working the highlight in and the angled tip is great for highlighting smaller areas such as the cupid’s bow.

Lastly, and because I just can’t stray from rosy-pink hues on my lips, we have the Power Stick Lipstick in ‘In Spades’ and the Lip Eclipse in ‘Rosette’. While the lipstick in its more traditional bullet form is incredibly pigmented and creamy, I thought I’d try out the ‘Lip Eclipse’ as the formula seemed quite unique. It’s described as a ‘pigmented gloss’ and while I find it to have a slight glossy finish, I’d describe it as more of a lip cream. I do not dispute however, that this is ‘pigmented’, in fact, it’s more pigmented than a lot of my lipsticks in my collection. Incredibly comfortable, incredibly pigmented and incredibly wearable.

What do you think of these products? Jess x


26 thoughts on “My First Impressions of a Few Sigma Brushes & Makeup Bits

      1. Yes I like them dense but not too much, I use pressed powder for my foundation so I like the brush to not be too stiff and have some type of movement to it! I will look up the 3DHD, thank you for the recommendation!

  1. Lovely post, lucky girl for getting this PR package! I’d love to try sigma and always think about them when in need of a new brush but I still stick with Zoeva despite rave reviews like this one! Maybe next time it’ll have to be Sigma, though! You look absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you, I know! I have 2 entire sets of Zoeva brushes so I can genuinely say that Sigma brushes are better and softer (in my opinion)! Zoeva ones are beautiful though and really great quality x

  2. I have wanting to try some products from Sigma for a while now, the brushes look amazing! I’m really intrigued about their makeup now too, I love the look you’ve created! x

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