A Mini Body Shop Haul


This haul is brought to you by a recent tantrum (over a slight insignificance) resulting in a a virtual online shopping basket being filled with didn’t-need-but-kinda-did products from The Body Shop. I love TBS for a myriad of reasons; one being that it shares the same acronym as my blog and secondly, because I just think that their products, ingredients, price points and ethos are unparalleled. 

By way of everyone and their skincare-obsessed Aunt seemingly loving it, I picked up the camomile cleansing oil. Personally, I prefer to use a cleansing oil in lieu of a micellar water to remove my makeup and so I’m really excited to give this a try as it’s reasonably priced, not full of mineral oil and will hopefully bode well with my dry skin.

Unfortunately for my bank account, I tend to favour hair cleansing products that are a little bit more expensive than the usual supermarket options; purely for the reason that good ingredients and sulfate-free formulas tend to demand a higher price tag. Klorane’s mango butter conditioning balm, Lush’s American cream and OUAI’s repair conditioner are my favourites and with The Body Shop’s banana conditioner being more affordable than all of the above, I’m hoping it will perform just as well as the aforementioned products!

I will concede that I’m a lip balm fiend. I own far, far too many but I just can’t turn away from the delicious scent of the wild argan oil range from TBS. I’ve already dipped in to this – it’s a good’un, let me tell ya.

Lastly, I replaced my much-loved honey bronzer. For those of us with slightly fairer complexions, this is magical. It beats just about every high-end powder bronzer I’ve ever used; including the likes of Guerlain, Urban Decay and NARS. It’s real, real good.

What is/are your fave products from The Body Shop? ALWAYS down for recommendations haha! Jess x


10 thoughts on “A Mini Body Shop Haul

  1. My favorite will always be the body sorbet, it’s so perfect for warmer month because it gives you cooling sensation 🙂

    I really how the direction of their packaging by the way, it makes them even more luxe and modern.

  2. Love a good body shop haul, although I never go in there enough at all! I adore the camomile cleansing balm, so would love to know if the oil lives up to the hype of the balm! Oh I have such fair skin and have never tried anything from their beauty range (crazy right) – so going to have to look at that bronzer! xx


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