My Pursuit for the Perfect Red Lipstick…



My pursuit for the perfect red lippy for those blissfully warm summer days has come to end, guys and gals. The lipstick in question? MAC’s ‘All Fired Up’, of course…

The classic Hollywood red shade never did bode well for my complexion and so my quest for the quintessentially summery red lipstick began. I perused the aisles of countless beauty halls and tried a plethora of lippies, ranging from Rimmel to NARS, but my efforts went amiss. That was, however, until I swatched MAC’s ‘all fired up’ and headed to the till like a bull in a China shop.Β 

‘All fired up’ is an offering from the retro matte line and I’d describe it as a warm, raspberry red fuschia with slight blue undertones that I think is highly unique. The formula of the retro matte line is often open to dispute for being extremely drying and for the fact that the lipsticks drag on application. It’s a very rare occasion on which I use a matte lip product but for this colour and for a red lipstick, I like them as matte as they come. So while this does drag and is drying, the longevity that this offers is unparalleled by any other matte lipstick I’ve ever tried, and I don’t find the formula to crack throughout the day or to be uncomfortable.

I find the raspberry-fuschia tones running throughout the pigment to flatter my skin tone, both when I’m on the milk-bottle side and bronzed sides of the scale. For all of its texture-related downfalls, I absolutely adore this product, but, a word of warning: please, for the love of God, make sure you apply a liberal dose of lip balm before application.

Have you tried this lipstick or the retro matte line? Jess x





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