An Ode to Natural Skincare Brands


*All products featured are PR samples (aside from Liz Earle cleanser).

While I am a beauty blogger, I’m under no illusions that the skincare industry is plagued with false pretences and corruption; and although many brands market themselves as the messiahs of ethically driven skincare, they are, essentially, businesses motivated by profit. As a case in point, brands that are not strictly natural or organic in their entirety often purchase advertising on Google linked to searched keywords such as ‘organic skincare brands’. Naughty. In saying that, I truly believe the brands featured in this post to be fantastic, their formulas to be effective and their behind the scenes environmental work to be admirable. So, in celebration of skincare brands that offer great products and make a conscious effort to better the environment, below is a round-up of four of my favourites!

Grown Alchemist – This all-natural Australian brand’s formulations are comprised of natural, botanical ingredients, that, aside from being housed in the most beautiful apothecary-style glass bottles, are of exceptional quality. I can attest to the effective formulas claim as when in London for a couple of weeks, the perpetual tube journeys and exposure to the inner city pollution resulted in my skin having a mini breakdown;  but after using the detox antioxidant +3 serum twice daily during the latter part of my London excursion, my skin seemed to magically clear up and this was the only newly introduced product in my regime. I’ve also spoken about the beautifully buttery olive leaf cream cleanser here, if you fancy a read!

Magic Organic Apothecary (MOA) – I’ve no doubt that their now famed peppermint and fennel Green Bath Potion will be my next purchase but, for the time being, I’m perfectly content with continue using The Daily Cleansing Ritual Green Balm. As the name suggests, this is a luxuriously emollient balm that works to break down and melt makeup within a matter of seconds. Paired with the accompanying bamboo face cloth, this makes for a beautifully gentle and soft cleansing process.

Trilogy – I just adore you, Trilogy. In the interests of sparing you from repeat ramblings on my love for this brand, I wrote a rather lengthy post all about my musings on it here, if you’re interested in learning more about Trilogy’s ethos and environmental work; namely, their work with the Orangutan Protection Foundation, you can read the post here!

Liz Earle – Although Liz Earle openly admit to utilising non-organically certified ingredients within their formulations, I have always loved this brand. Their naturally active range encompasses so many fantastic products; particularly the cult-classic Cleanse & Polish, the brightening treatment mask and although not strictly skincare, I do love their sheer skin tint!

What are your fave natural brands? Jess x






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