My Review of Tom Ford’s ‘Nude Dip’ Palette



After having had a lengthy 60-hour working week of late, I took it upon myself to purchase a ridiculously costly makeup product, which subsequently resulted in Tom Ford’s ‘Nude Dip’ palette now residing within my makeup collection.

Firstly, I decided against including photos of swatches in this post as I recently filmed a first impressions of this palette where I apply all of the shades; which I think is a better way of showcasing the shadow and so if you’d like to see them in action, you can watch that video here!

When spending over £60 on an eyeshadow quad, I feel it important to note how much product, gram for gram, you’re getting in exchange for your money. Of course, nothing is going to detract from the fact that this is a highly-priced palette but, the palette does offer 6g of product which, when compared to other offerings on the market such as Charlotte Tilbury’s palettes, is a good amount of product as Charlotte Tilbury’s quads contain 5.2g of product.

The shade selection itself is beautifully cohesive and leans more towards the cooler side of the spectrum but there is a slight warmth running through all of the shades which, in my opinion, makes this palette modern and more wearable than if the shades were overly cool. I particularly love the top left shade as whilst being a champagne highlight shade that offers an almost metallic finish that we expect from a shade such as this, it has a golden undertone which is beautiful. The shade to the right of this one is a sort of muted rose-golden copper; the bottom left shade is a warm taupe and the shadow to the right of this is what I can only describe as a ‘minky’ shade. All four of these shadows have an incredibly emollient formula which makes them a dream to work with, blend and layer. The first three shades are definitely shimmers but the last shade in this quad is more of a satin finish; making it great for adding definition.

As with most products with a premium price tag, the worthiness of this palette is relative to what you like to/can spend on makeup products. If you can comfortably purchase this palette, I would say definitely do so; the quality of the shadows is impeccable and it is a beautiful palette. But if purchasing this palette would be ‘stretching the budget’, I’d say give this a miss and go for something similar but with a more reasonable price such as Zoeva’s palettes, a Tarte palette or a Stila one (all of which I would recommend).

Hope you enjoyed this review and maybe found it helpful! Jess x




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