How To Juggle Working Full Time & Blogging


Now that the early nights are drawing upon is, and the dismal reality that shooting blog photography in good, natural lighting after you return from a day’s work is setting in; I thought now was a good time to share a few of my tips on how to manage it all in a way that won’t result in you wanting to throw yourself against a brick wall in a state of sheer frustration. I personally have a very unpredictable work schedule and although some weeks are 60 hour working weeks for me, I make it my (enjoyable) mission to get a couple of videos and 1 blog post up a week. So with some real proof in the pudding right there; you CAN do this! 

Don’t force a strict schedule upon yourself – quite often, life does get in the way of things and so you have to be realistic and recognise that your intentions of 3 blog posts going up at 12pm on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday isn’t always going to go to plan. I find it easier to simply create content when I have some free time to be able to do so.

Make the most of what is available to you & enlist the help of others if needed – I realise this point is slightly ambiguous but, as an example, if you commute; maybe you could plan the outline of your upcoming blog post, jot down a few ideas or even write up a blog post. If your place of work is in the vicinity of a particularly beautiful building, landmark or even a majestic looking tree, you could perhaps take your OOTD to work and then ask a colleague to take a couple of pictures of you in the foreground of said building etc before you head home. Could you recruit help from loved ones or those around you? Any graphic designers, keen amateur photographers in the family? I’ve no doubt they would be happy to help you out!

Have a back up – I always like to ensure that there are at least a couple of posts in my drafts that I can turn to in times of need in which there is just no chance of a blog post being created and published. If you don’t have anything sitting in your drafts, what about a guest contributor? The blogging community is a very supportive one and guest posting is a very common thing – contact one of your blogging pals or a blogger who’s content you enjoy and ask away!

Don’t sweat it – Remember, your blog is most likely your hobby, your sanctuary and most likely, your ‘me time’. Don’t make it so that it becomes a chore and un-enjoyable. If you just can’t take a photo that you’re happy with – leave it for now. Come back to it tomorrow or in a few days time and try again. Not a prob.

Hope you found this somewhat helpful! Any tips? Jess x




2 thoughts on “How To Juggle Working Full Time & Blogging

  1. when I was a student it was so easy to maintain blogging, I could just leave the post until the day of, but now because I’m so knackered when I get home, and there is no daylight, I have to do all my posts on the weekend. I have quite a strict schedule, I like getting 3 posts up a week, but like you said, sometimes it’s not possible! Sometimes you’ve got an event, or you were busy that weekend, things just don’t go to plan and it’s okay! I find planning my posts ahead and bulk photo taking works the best! xx

  2. I found blogging when a student was actually really frustrating because my home is photogenic with white everywhere but my student digs were not photogenic in the slightest 😅 I think that’s the best attitude to have – it’s ok if things don’t always go to plan! Xx

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