A Review of Two Bits from Roger & Gallet’s Aura Mirabilis Range


*PR gifts/samples

This new beauty release is one that I’m so very excited about; partly because the range in question is Roger & Gallet’s first dip into the skincare pond and also because the couple of products I have from the range are, by far, my favourite skincare products I’ve had the pleasure of using in a very long while. With just 4 products to offer, this range is small but perfectly formed and I absolutely adore the antiquated charm behind it, the gloriously luxe packaging and the fact that R&G have spent such an admirable amount of time and effort to curate such a small but comprehensive line. P.S. I’ve now been trialling these two products for two weeks (which is generally my ‘testing’ time between initially using the product/s and reviewing them).

The name ‘Aura mirabilis’ was actually a name given to a natural elixir made up of 18 of the rarest medicinal plants of the time (bergamot, lemongrass and neroli to name a few), by monks some 300 years ago that could be applied both topically and ingested. And because said natural elixir contained the rarest of ingredients, it was reserved for those with a seriously weighty coin purse, if you see what I’m sayin’.

The Double-Extract – I can only think to describe this to you as a sort of highly concentrated bi-phase serum-essence-oil hybrid. The pipette dispenser that this offers is GENIUS; the precise corkscrew system allows you to dispense the product by just turning the bottle upside down (as you would use a micellar water) and releases the perfect amount of product for both the face and the décolletage. And although I’ve described this as a serum-essence-oil hybrid, the consistency is unlike any bi-phase product with oil that I’ve ever used; it is incredibly lightweight and absorbs in a similar way to a hydrating milk.

The Legendary Cream – This is unlike any moisturiser I’ve ever used. In my humble opinion, this is far superior to all other high, high-end moisturisers I’ve ever used (and that includes the £110 Dior Capture Totale creme!) So for £32, I think this cream is exceptional. In the best way possible, this cream feels like butter, but because of the gel-cream formula, it feels lightweight. Lightweight yet rich, and good for both morning and evening application.

So, how does my skin look/feel after having used these two products for two weeks? A lot less dull and although I don’t have rosacea, I do have a lot of redness within my cheeks and this has diminished after having used these products. I feel that my skin looks a lot brighter and more radiant. For me, using these products within my routine has given me a real sense of self-indulgence and decadence and that is what locking myself in the bathroom for 10 minutes after a long, stressful day at work is all about.

Jess x


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