Why I Love OUAI’s Texturising Spray


Although my hair product arsenal is a little lacklustre, I have tried a vast selection of these kind of texturising hair sprays in my time and I can say, without hesitation, that this is the best one I’ve used thus far. I’d say this is most comparable to Oribe’s texturising spray and although the £22 price tag of the OUAI counterpart against the £39 of Oribe’s offering seems more affordable, the amount of product within both products makes them equal in terms of price to product ratios.

And although this is marketed as a hair spray of sorts, it’s definitely not like the traditional hair sprays that we know and recognise. It’s more of a dry shampoo-texturising spray hybrid as although it does provide the hold similar to that of a traditional hair spray, it doesn’t leave things crunchy or stiff whatsoever. It’s great for adding a bit of oomph to my hair when I’ve left it for too long without a wash and instantly freshens things up whilst adding the volume that my hair needs when it’s been left unwashed and is looking a bit flat and just…drab.

I think the thing that sets this apart from other dry shampoo sprays such as Batiste etc is that it really does give you the feeling of freshly washed hair. For me, I find that sometimes, Batiste makes my hair feel a bit gross and talc-y/powdery, even though it looks a hell of a lot better than before spraying it through my roots..know what I mean? This OUAI spray doesn’t leave that talcum powder feeling and finish and instead, returns my hair to its former glory and leaves it smelling GREAT; and I mean – really great. The scent running throughout all of the products within the OUAI haircare line smells like a straight up perfume that you could pick off of Selfridge’s shelves. In fact, I skip perfume when I’ve liberally whizzed this spray through my hair!

So, those are my thoughts on this wonderful little spray from OUAI! Have you tried anything from OUAI yet? Jess x


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