The Affordable & Wearable Pair Of Embroidered Boots That I Love


Admittedly, I’m no great lover of any clothing pieces, or footwear for that matter, that look reminiscent of something you’d find in Granny’s attic or a 70’s disco, but a hint of embroidery is always something I can get on board with. And because I’m no follower of trends, I didn’t want to spend a lotta dough on something that will no doubt have a short wardrobe life and so I went on the hunt for an affordable pair of boots with floral embroidery that didn’t look too garish or OTT. Evidently, it was a successful hunt because these boots ended up in my possession the very next day. They’re from New Look and cost £35, which I think is a great price point for any pair of boots; particularly ones adorned with an embroidered design.

I like these because, unlike a lot of the embroidered boots that I’ve seen floating around on the internet and blogs, they aren’t completely enveloped in embroidery which, for me, is a bit too gaudy, so I think these look a little more subtle and instead, nod their head to the embroidery fashion trend as opposed to giving Pat Butcher a run for her money. I also think that the black suedette material and block heels pair well with the understated design and keep the boots very wearable.

Jess x


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