A Few Of My Cosy Winter Evening Favourites


Nowadays, I seldom enjoy anything more than cosying up and cocooning myself in god knows how many blankets after a long, hard day’s work! With a cup of chocolate milk on my bedside table (obvs), these are just a few of my favourite things to unwind and cosy up with on a cold winter’s night!

Double cleansing and afterward, slapping on a face mask that I know works wonders for my skin, is something I very much enjoy for the thought that I’m ridding my skin of any dirt and grime my skin has accumulated throughout the day! I currently have four facial masks on rotation, but my most reached for mask within the last sort of week or so has been the Vichy Double Glow Peel mask. I love anything AHA based; particularly AHA treatments, and so it was only natural that I was going to love this!

I know, I know – snow fairy is sickeningly sweet. But I love it for its festive playfulness and, after all, I am partial to stuffing my face with bubblegum mushroom sweets, sugar dummies at the fair, and Haribos every once in a while (literally all the time) and so I love picking up a couple of bottles of this Lush shower gel at Christmas time! I love to use this a sort of bath foam thingy; it doesn’t provide the bubbles but it fills the bathroom with its bubblegum, candyfloss scent and I love it!

Facial oils are, for me, an irreplaceable and unrivaled skincare step; I find that they just remedy so many skin-related issues. I absolutely adore Trilogy’s CoQ10 booster oil – it’s packed full of amazingly effective, natural ingredients and is just so beautifully nourishing.

I love reading any and every book within the psychological thriller genre, but as I’ve thriller-ed myself out with books of this kind within the past couple of months, I thought I’d go back to a classic and one of my much-loved books – The Great Gatsby.

And most importantly of all (how did I forget!?) – the pyjamas. My favourite pyjamas of all time are the Victoria’s Secret sleepover knit PJs. Love em’. They look so sophisticated and elegant with that gorg white piping and embroidered logo and although a bit pricey at £50, I couldn’t be without them!

What are your fave things for cosy winter evenings? Lemme know! Jess x


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