A perfectly Festive Fragrance


Although this is supposed to be reminiscent of a spring garden after the rain, I find Burberry’s My Burberry fragrance to be evocative of those heady, musky and warm that we all know and love throughout the festive period. And although this does have that musky undertone, the freshness of certain notes running throughout it offer a light, refreshing and modern scent. The top notes of sweet pea, lemon flower, peach flower and peonies are synonymous with a spring/summer scent, but I think that because this perfume offers a richness and the earthiness of notes such as patchouli, it’s a really full-bodied fragrance, so one that I think pairs beautifully with autumn and winter.

Although the above notes sound very floral, I find this scent to be perfectly feminine without being too sweet and flowery. It’s reminiscent of those classic, feminine scents such as Chanel’s No5 that are undoubtedly feminine, but aren’t overdone in the sweetness or floral department.

I may be biased as I actually used to work for Burberry Beauty, but I do adore the heritage and craftsmanship behind Burberry and I think that their packaging of this fragrance is so beautifully thought out. The lid is of the same design as the buttons on the Burberry trench coat, and similarly, the ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle is actually a fabric sample taken from said trench coat.

Have you tried this fragrance, or do you have any other winter fragrance recommendations? Jess x


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