Three Festive Lush Shower Gels That I Love


I know it’s such a terrible blogger cliche, but I really do love perusing the festive sections of Lush at this time of year and recouping my favourite festive goodies. And, because I love nothing more than a good shower gel, these are the three seasonal shower products that have made their way into my stash. Namely, rose jam, hot toddy and snow fairy which I love for the fact that they are all so different to one another.

As a case in point, whilst rose jam is very floral, hot toddy is a warm and spicy and snow fairy is, as we all know, so sweet that it takes us right back to the days when we would, without hesitation, munch our way through numerous jumbo sized packets of marshmallows and gummy bears without giving it a second thought or feeling any sort of guilt.

Whilst snow fairy is most definitely a favourite among their festive collection and rose jam is a much-loved Lush scent, hot toddy is one that I don’t hear all that much about. Ginger, clove leaf, and cinnamon give that warmth and spiciness but the addition of lemon juice and minty patchouli make for a refreshing and slightly fruitier version of a scent blend that is often quite heavy and deep.

If you’re into your sickly sweet scents, and can’t resist (who can) that glorious bubblegum-pink colour with flecks of shimmer running through it, you’ll most probably (definitely) love snow fairy if you haven’t yet tried it. Imagine a liquid version of bon bons, candyfloss and bubblegum all mixed together and there you have it – snow fairy.

If you favour a more sophisticated kind of sweetness, I’d recommend going and having a whiff of rose jam. It smells very much like a box of Turkish delight but the addition of goji berry juice, lemon and vanilla make for a fresher and lighter version of something that has the potential to be a bit too floral and granny-esque.

What’s your favourite festive product from Lush? These are definitely mine (although I am partial to a bit of candy mountain!) Jess x


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