A Few of My Favourite Things at Christmas Time


Just in case you’re not yet full of Christmas cheer and are yet to feel really and truly excited about the festive season, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite things at Christmas time in celebration of this wonderful, sparkly, whimsical time of the year. And if this doesn’t remedy your grinch-like feelings, I don’t know what will!

  1. The smell of roasted chesnuts at christmas markets
  2. The whimsical, glittery, sparkly and colourful decorations, displays and ornaments
  3. My mum’s velouté gravy on Christmas Day
  4. Buying gifts for my family
  5. How socially acceptable it is to eat an entire chocolate Santa for breakfast for the days following Christmas Day
  6. Immediately changing in to my PJs after having excitedly unwrapped them
  7. The hilarious competitiveness that ensues as soon as we begin playing a game as a family
  8. The scent of a sweet, spicy and warm candle burning in the evening
  9. Marvelling at festive flatlays on Instagram
  10. Watching installment after installment of gift guides on Youtube
  11. Fresh-out-the-oven sausage rolls on Christmas Eve
  12. Getting ready on Christmas Eve and enjoying a few too many alcoholic beverages from the outset and throughout of doing so.
  13. The neighbours who go overboard with their outdoor festive lighting (and appreciating the sky-high electricity bill that goes alongside it)
  14. The annual Royle Family Christmas special – the 2008 special still has me in fits of laughter
  15. THE FOOD
  16. Jumping into bed, transforming oneself into a duvet caterpillar and cosying up with a film or book for far too long
  17. Exciting cinema releases
  18. Carnaby Street & Covent Garden
  19.  Methodically choosing a colour scheme and aesthetic for my wrapping and wrapping my gifts to the sound of Christmas songs
  20. Having the excuse to drink far too much Baileys

What are your favourite things about this time of year? Jess x


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