The Gift Guide For The Beauty Lover Who Has Everything


Of course, the title of this post is a slight over-dramatisation because unless your beauty loving friend or loved one is a Saudi Arabian oil tycoon who has enough disposable income to purchase the entirety of the beauty market, they probably aren’t going to have absolutely everything out there within their beauty collection. This is more so for those who are looking to buy for a loved one who’s collection is a little OTT, who is a real makeup hoarder and collector, and are struggling to find gifts that don’t already reside within her collection! 

OUAI haircare is still very much a brand that sits within the ‘new and up-and-coming’ category, and so I think that a product from Jen Atkin’s OUAI line would make for a lovely addition to any beauty lover’s haircare stash. I love all of the products I have from said line, but I think the hair oil and hair masque pack would make for a perfect gift.

By virtue of the fact that Diptyque is a luxe brand with luxe price tags to follow suit, your loved one may not have every scent that they offer, and they probably won’t own one of their adorable miniature candles. I adore the figuier scent and I think that one of their miniature candles would make for a lovely introduction to Diptyque as a brand, or a lovely addition to your recipient’s dressing table or bedside table.

Similarly, Tom Ford’s miniature offerings serve as a nice brand introduction, and also offer that novel, cutesy thing that all beauty lover’s have a soft spot for. And although £28 for a miniature lipstick is all kinds of outrageous, the shade Rafael from the lips & boys range is a gorgeously rich and decadent bombshell red.

We all know and love Lush for their much-loved bubble bars, bombs and shower gels, but the haircare range still seems to be lesser known and so I think that the American Cream hair conditioner would make for a great gift; because, let’s be honest, with how much conditioner we get through in a week, it’s not that often that we’ll spend over £10 on a conditioner for ourselves. The scent of this buttery conditioner is reminiscent of strawberry milkshake and is fab for long, tousled locks.

Much like the aforementioned conditioner, shower gel isn’t something we typically spend a considerable amount of pennies on, is it? So, as a very indulgent shower/bath treat, I think Molton Brown’s range of shower gels would make for a great gift. The scents offered within the range are very grown-up and interesting and really linger on the skin after having been used.

And lastly, we have Sigma brushes; but not just any old Sigma brushes – the rose gold brushes. These brushes are, by far, the best brushes I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. And, of course, the rose golden ferrules make them all the more special.

Do you have any more suggestions to add to this list? If so, let me know! Jess x


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