Five Ways To Perk Up A Gloomy Winter’s Day


Admittedly, as much as I love the colder seasons, there’s always a hint of melancholy when grey, overcast skies and drizzly weather are accompanied by a drop in temperature that render you almost surgically attached to your bed. So, in case you’re in need of a little inspiration for said days, below are a few of the things I like to do when things are dismal and dull outside!

Cook a dish from a cuisine you’ve never experienced before – Ever tried your hand at Nigerian, Peruvian or Malaysian cookery? If not, do a bit of googlin’, see what takes your fancy and try something new!

Light your favourite candles & watch a documentary – I really do feel as though my bedroom, with the lights off and my favourite candles burning, is my sanctuary, and that paired with my love of a good documentary is, in my opinion, a perfect way of spending a spare hour or two.

Scrapbooking – This one is fairly self-explanatory, but if you’ve not yet started scrapbooking and have no ‘equipment’ as such to work with, you can make a start by firstly, perusing the internet for your ideal scrapbook and then, if you don’t have access to photo printing glossy paper, utilising a site such as Snapfish and uploading your most cherished photos and ordering them.

Discover new blogs & bloggers – When I have a little spare time to play with and don’t want to partake in anything too arduous, I love to peruse the lifestyle, beauty and books bookmarks on Bloglovin and read any and every blog post that takes my fancy. This can also be such a great source of inspiration if you’re a blogger yourself and are feeling a little lacklustre in the ideas department.

Sort through your unwanted wardrobe pieces – There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally getting around to sorting through your overflowing wardrobe and throwing your unwanted items onto a pile on the floor, is there? I personally just put all of my unwanted clothing into a charity bag and send it on its way but if you’d like to reserve a few pieces for selling on to others, upload them on to Depop and make yourself a few extra pennies!

Those are just a few of my fave ways to spend a rainy day – do let me know what yours are! Jess x





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