My 2016 Makeup Favourites


In lieu of publishing a ridiculously lengthy blog post that could be mistaken for a dissertation, I thought I’d film a concise (ish) video; in which, I talk through my favourite makeup products that I’ve used and discovered throughout 2016. Admittedly, I did forget to include a couple of products such as the Zoeva cocoa blend palette and my Vincent Longo cream blush in swan lake, but there are some real good’uns in this video! If you fancy taking a peek at my favourite makeup products in 2016, please watch my video below! Jess x


14 thoughts on “My 2016 Makeup Favourites

  1. Unfortunately for my wallet, I have fallen in love with the Tom Ford eye shadow quads. That shadow is just perfect every time! Hourglass powders are also some of my all time favorite products. Two night ago I dropped my Edit Palette and I thought I was going to pass out.

      1. If only they could be the (still obnoxious) price of 60.00 like Dior or Chanel. But 80.00 is really a lot. I have to say the shadows are fabulous quality. What I’d love is to find the same quality and beautiful shades for LESS. But where? I’m like forced to buy them because I’m addicted too. Ughghhghhg!

      2. The Tom Ford palettes? They’re Β£64! Still ridiculous pricing though πŸ˜‚ I’ve never really thought much of Chanel shadows! Love the single creams but I don’t think the powder ones in the palettes are anything special xx

  2. I loved the video you posted! You have such gorgeous products that I mustttt try in 2016. I don’t know where I’ve been and why I do not have them in my collection – call myself a beauty blogger, ay? I need that Hourglass Powder! Also, I’ve noticed your blog has but you have such an amazing design! I’m on too and for some reason I cant get a proper design, I need help. I’m stuck with the weird Button one which is cute but not cute enough! x

    1. I’m thinking of having a declutter and just keeping things that I absolutely love – less is more with makeup collections in my opinion! ☺ I just searched for simple blog designs and found this one, they might not do it anymore though! Xx

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