My Content Creating Goals for 2017


As I’m sure we’ve all now come to realise; the blogosphere is come to be a very large pond and, on account of that, the majority of bloggers, such as myself, are very much little fish in said pond. I’m perfectly happy with this; I’ve never really taken to the idea of having such a large audience that your way of living is under observation. I do, however, notice that the blogging and vlogging world has become over-saturated with the same kind of content; and while I do enjoy a lot of the types of blog posts and videos that are now synonymous with beauty bloggers and vloggers alike, I would like to start creating content that offers something a little bit different at times. Rather than filming haul video after haul video that, let’s be honest, offer no real information (although I do quite like new-in beauty hauls) and promote extreme consumerism, I’d like to try to create interesting, helpful content. I would consider myself as being quite knowledgeable about ingredients within skincare and makeup products, the science behind skincare and I’d like to come up with a way of sharing that with those that are interested! I’d also love to start writing and posting more in-depth reviews of individual products on my blog.

I’d also like to incorporate more lifestyle related posts in to my content. I think that the real beauty of blogs and bloggers (pardon the pun); particularly smaller bloggers who have no real incentive to be anything other than truthful, is that we’re very very different to the traditional beauty advisors such as editors of magazines and department store consultants who are very often paid to endorse any old beauty product (I know, I used to be one. The £250 Dior Prestige La Crème moisturiser that I used to have to promote was most definitely not worth the price tag).  I don’t know about you, but I am invested in the people behind the blogs that I read; I don’t want a run through of a chronological timeline of their lives thus far, but I enjoy reading their musings, thoughts on things, what they’ve been up to lately and so on. I’d like to start my Sunday Catch Up series again and start creating more personal posts that could maybe spark discussion every once in a while!

What are your goals for creating content this year? I’d love to know! Jess x


2 thoughts on “My Content Creating Goals for 2017

  1. this was so refreshing. i’m so happy you picked up on the results of hauls and what they promote. It’s something i prefer to stay away from now. I agree blogging is a large oversaturated place and it can be hard to stand out but i like to take it as a challenge to push myself and my blog 🙂 i think it’s really made me be more creative and think outside of the box. I too aim to create better content this year and i’m really excited to see where it leads me. good luck with your resolution and happy new year! xo

    1. Thanks Eloise! Yes, I definitely think it’s both a blessing and curse that it’s now over saturated – it’s harder to be noticed, but it also kind of forces you to work really hard on your content. Thank you, you too! xx

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