My Favourite Bath & Body Works Candle…Ever


I do like to think of myself as somewhat of a candle aficionado, and although I adore the Diptyque, Jo Malone and The White Company candles residing within my collection, I really don’t think that Bath & Body Works can be rivalled in terms of the value-quality relationship. And I know that this isn’t the most season-appropriate candle as we’re still very much in the midst of a very cold and gloomy winter, but as we’re nearing spring, I didn’t think it too outrageous that I post this review in January!

Oddly enough, I actually really dislike the scent of those watermelon slice sweets (you know, the gummy ones coated in sugar), because I find it to be too artificial and sickly. This watermelon scent however, is actually perfectly reminiscent of ย fresh watermelon, and you really can detect a subtle hint of lemon when burning this. It’s more so fresh and refreshing, rather than being overly sweet and overpowering, as so many watermelon scents are. In terms of scent throw, this is fairly good! The cold wax releases a subtle scent, but when burned, the throw is really great; I have a fairly large bedroom and it fills my room with scent after around 2 hours of being burned.

Aside from the glorious scent, this candle; much like all of Bath & Body Works’s candles, burns perfectly evenly. I also find this candle to burn nice and slowly, which is not often the case with more affordable candles, as I find that the oils within the wax burn far too quickly and subsequently, the tunneling is quite bad. They’re priced at around $22, which, when taking in to account the slow burn and the fact that the wicks don’t need to be trimmed 24/7, is a fair price point in my mind. In short, I adore this candle!

Have you tried Bath & Body Works’s candles? Jess x


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