Two Lush Bath Bombs You Need To Try



Although I tend to pass the bath bomb displays and peruse the shower gel and hair stands more often than not when popping in Lush, I’ve come to be in the possession of  two bath bomb launches that are so lush (pardon the pun), that I just had to tell you about them.

The first of which, being the sacred lotus bath bomb. I believe this to be exclusive to the Oxford Street store, which is a tad saddening as this really has the most beautiful scent. The notes of Tunisian neroli and jasmine make this perfect for those evenings when you just need a little soothing and relaxation. And although the top note of jasmine makes for quite a floral scent, the neroli adds that sweet, citrus kick that balances it perfectly.

Now, let’s talk about Cupid’s bath bomb. This one is the dreamiest Lush bath bombs I’ve tried thus far, as it features notes of violet leaf, rose and raspberry; all of which are my favourite notes in the scent department. If you love anything that smells reminiscent of parma violets or Lush’s rose jam shower gel, you need to pick this up. It doesn’t smell too floral; just fresh, fruity, and nothing short of beautiful. And I have a terrible feeling that this may be a limited edition release for Valentine’s Day, so I may have to stock up on 20 of them before the month is out.

Have you tried either of these bath bombs? Jess x


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