My January Makeup Menu


Much to the amazement of everyone around me, January is actually one of my favourite months; not least because I love the comfort food and cosy clothing that comes alongside winter! And because my monthly makeup menu installments were few and far between throughout the latter part of 2016, I thought I’d revisit this series and talk you through the products that I’ve been reaching for a lot throughout January.

My skin type definitely sits somewhere within the dehydrated-to-normal category throughout the colder months, and so I tend to gravitate towards foundations with a really emollient formula, so as to not exacerbate any dry, dull areas. After having recently shopped my stash, I rediscovered my love for Clinique’s even better foundation, which I think is one of the best hydrating foundations on the market; and as someone with a collection of over 30 foundations, I feel I’m in a good position to make such a bold claim! The coverage and finish is very reminiscent of my beloved Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation; in the way that it offers a medium coverage and a naturally dewy finish. Much in the same way as Chanel’s VA, this almost becomes one with the skin and blends seamlessly.

I’ve been skipping bronzing as of late, just because I quite like the porcelain-esque look of pale skin when left to its own devices in the winter. So, in lieu of any bronzing kind of product, I’ve been quite liberal with my application of blush; namely, Clinique’s rosy pop blush. I always tend to favour cream blush over powder blush, but this really is such a beautiful powder blush formulation. It’s not powdery in the slightest; very buttery, easy to blend, and this shade in particular emulates that rosy ‘just been on a winter walk’ cheek look. For highlight, I’ve been using Becca’s opal; which, aside from being a beautifully fine powder highlighter, also looks beautiful on the inner corners of the eyes.

My Burberry ‘pale barley’ single shadow is, in my eyes, the perfect eyeshadow for the girl who loves the no makeup-makeup look. It adds subtle definition, warmth and a slight hint of shimmer that lifts, brightens and catches the light beautifully.

Admittedly, I’m no real lover of lipsticks in their traditional form. I just don’t like the feeling of anything drying on my lips, particularly in the colder months, and so I’ve been loving using my Clarins daily energiser lip balm. It offers a subtle hint of peachy pigment and is intensely hydrating; which makes it all the more unfortunate that this was sadly a limited edition product!

So, they were a few of the products that I’ve loved using throughout January! Have you tried any of these products? Jess x


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