Designer Bag Dupes.


Unfortunately, most of us mere mortals are just a tad short of the lifestyle that would allow for a £2,000 clutch here, and a £3,000 satchel there; and so I decided to set about finding an assortment of bags that were reminiscent of their much-loved designer counterparts. I know that the issue of ‘knock-off’ bags is often subject to disparagement, but if the affordable alternative in question is noticeably different to the designer bag on closer(ish) inspection, I see no harm! I’d love to do more of these sorts of posts in the future, so please let me know if you enjoyed this, or found it helpful! Jess x

Below are pictures of both the designer bags (left) and the dupes (right):

Chloe Drew Cross-Body Bag – £1,140

Dupe – $34 (approx £27)

GUCCI GG Marmont Medium matelassé leather shoulder bag – £1,620

Dupe – £29.99

Céline Luggage Tote – (approx £2,000)

Dupe – $89 (approx £70)

Chanel Boy Handbag – £3,200

Dupe – $88 (approx (£70)

Jess x


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